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Ignited Minds is an online platform which fuels young people’s burning ideas. Our system automatically filters all of the available funding, events, people, real-life missions and inspiration that is suitable, uniquely to you.

Ignited Minds cuts down the time that it takes to go from your idea and turning that into a reality. Partnering with organisations across the world we provide one of the most complete ecosystems that is purpose designed to suit startups and people with great ideas.

Ignited Minds has been two years in the making, and we're almost finished! You can sign up to our newsletter or to become a BETA tester in the following weeks.

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Lewis and Jamie, Ignited Minds

We belive that you should be the change that you want to see in the world.

If you could change one thing, what would that be?

Filled with inspirational content

Ignited Minds is filled with engaging and inpirational content that is intended to help provoke thoughts, inspire and inform our users. Tapping into a wealth of resources such as our mentors and entrepreneurs past experiences, the poblems that they've faced, their highs, their lows as well as interviews with some of the most inspiring people in the world. Ignited Minds also partners with a number of Scottish creative organisations to provide films of events, beautiful articles written by a large variety of authors and imagery to kick your brain into gear.

Connect with like minded people across the globe

Connecting and collaborating is what Ignited Minds was built for, we want you to be able to help you connect with the people you need to most. You will be able to find Technical Co-founders, Mentors, people who are facing similar issues accross the world and more. We are creating a platform that is open for people to share their ideas, a place where we can all learn from one another, somewhere that allows your burning idea to turn into a reality.

Engaging articles covering topics from startups to baking

Our articles are written by a selection of hand-picked authors from across the globe, we also partner with organisations to help provide you with founder stories, stories of success, failure, inspiration, sleep deprivation and ultimately the pursuit of dreams. Our articles are designed to be distraction free to help you make the most out of your time whilst using Ignited Minds.

Early access to some of the hottest events

Getting out and learning from others is what Ignited Minds is about, we have partnered with some of the greatest events organisations in the country to help bring you an up to date feed on all of the brilliant events that are happening near you. Our system automatically detects what events would suit you best and that are in your area so that you don't have to.